A few days ago I saw, in a famous Italian TV show, how it is possible, very easily indeed, to spy on locked Facebook profiles, obviously without being friend of the profile owner. The procedure looked very simple and that induced me to try it by myself.

It took me something less than one hour to find the right tutorial (straightly on youtube) and a very useful but also very disquieting paper in which the (not so) hidden search engine integrated inside of FB was revealed to my eyes in all its disarming and alarming power.

Trying to keep on being a decent data protection expert, I tried this using a friend’s account and I looked into another friend’s account (they are not FB friends each other and both profiles are locked), so that, actually, I was only simulating to see something I was not allowed to; obviously both my friends were consenting.
Just a couple of simple commands, directly written in the browser’s address bar, and the reserved photos stored inside of my friend’s account became visible on the account of a user who doesn’t even know who the guy in the pics is!
And the pictures are not the only thing you can spy on. The pdf guide I found on the web, honestly with very little effort, is pretty alarming since I found in it any sort of query commands, including religious, political and sexual preferences filters. Please don’t ask me to publish the link to this guide; shouldn’t you trust me, simply try to search by yourself: I can assure you that, unfortunately, you’ll find it very quickly.

Rete italiana DPOEstablished on 26th May 2018, UNIDPO Association (Unione Nazionale italiana Data Protection Officer - Italian National Union of Data Protection Officers) shows among its members both lawyers and engineers; as complementary professional roles, they cooperate to achieve the management of complex issues concerning security, protection and safeguard of personal data.
All the founders (more than seventy people) are registered to their respective Professional Body and boast specific sectoral expertise. UNIDPO covers the entire italian area through its members and can thus face any technical and/or juridical problem with promptness and professionality.
UNIDPO appointed as their representative eminent data protection, privacy and computer security experts: Honorary President Avv. Carla Secchieri and President Avv. Nicola Fabiano.
The concept of UNIDPO emerged during the First Higher Learning Course for DPOs organized by Consiglio Nazionale Forense (Forensic National Council) and Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (Engineers’ National Council), a workshop supported by the Italian Authority for Data Protection. UNIDPO aims to be the reference point for professionals working in the data protection sector as Data Protection Officers.